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Team Members

A Collaborative & Diverse Group


Filip Stefanovic



Tanvi Desai

Graduate Research Assistant & TA

Research focus: Development of a variable stiffness ankle foot orthosis in gait rehabilitation. Analysis of gait biomechanics and neuromuscular adaptation


Sovannrith Em

Graduate Research Assistant

Research Focus: Neurorehabilitation Lightboard for Adaptive Therapeutics


Smriti Mohan Shetty

Graduate Research Assistant

Research Focus: Computational Neuroanatomy of Multisegment Postural Control


Zeev Elias

Graduate Research Assistant

Research Focus: Electrodermal Activity (EDA) triggered epileptic detection and treatment with a continuously monitoring wearable device


Miguel Mendoza Gamboa

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Research Focus: Mechanical design of a multi-DOF passive prosthesis for distal amputees

Team Members: Our Team

Past Members

Kiranmayee Bavanasi

Modular ankle-foot orthosis in post-stroke gait rehabilitation

Sibi Ramachandran

Development of a 3D Printed prosthesis for a tripod canine and the resultant biomechanics changes.

Ethan Schonhaut

Design of a Low-Cost, 3D Printed Exoskeleton for Upper Limb Rehabilitation

Namrata Kadambi

Isometric movement in Spinal-like controller to model the effects of reaction time change from cerebellar neuroplasticity

Preethi Mohana

Muscle fatigue analysis using sEMG obtained from an IoT based neurorehabilitation device

Suzanna Williams

PCB Design for a At-Home transition neurostimulation and remote monitoring system

Shilpa Ramanarayanan

Identification of long-term neuroadaptation in muscle performance using a hypertrophy exercise

Nidhi Karkera

Identification of long-term neuroadaptation in muscle performance using an endurance exercise

Aaron Ling

3D printed passive ankle-foot assistive device with variability rigidity to optimize postural support in gait rehabilitation

Kyle Fresne

Development of a low-cost multiDOF children's neuroprosthetic regulated via multichannel ANN control algorithms

Radhika Mujumdar

Classification of neuromuscular adaptation during regular resistance based intervention

Sarah Jo Crotts

Mechanical design validation of a 3D printed upper limb neurorehabilitation exoskeleton

Team Members: Team Members
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