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Filip Stefanovic


Filip Stefanovic received his PhD (Biomedical Engineering) from McGill University, his MS degree (Electrical Engineering - Biomedical) from the University of Belgrade, and his BASc (Mechanical Engineering - Mechatronics) from the University of Toronto. Working with his research advisor, Dr. Henrietta L. Galiana, he developed what would become the first sensory-driven computational model of corticospinal neuromuscular systems applied as a clinical tool to measure neuroplasticity in non-invasive neurostimulation protocols for post-stroke therapy. As a graduate student, he also spent time at Aalborg University (Denmark) exploring human gait rehabilitation at the renowned Center for Sensory Motor Integration (SMI) under the guidance of Dr. Dejan B. Popovic. 

Dr. Stefanovic also has industry experience developing novel autonomous IoT technologies, as well as patents, and numerous publications & presentations.

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